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Green Hills Software and INTEGRITY to showcase automotive technologies at CES 2019

Green Hills Software and INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS), a Green Hills Software company, will showcase their technology for automotive electronics and secure IoT devices at CES 2019 and the Consumer Telematics Show (CTS).

Key demonstrations and presentations include:

• Integrated Cockpit Vehicle – The attendees will be able to sit in the Renesas and Green Hills vehicle and immerse yourself in a connected and media-rich Android environment that’s safely consolidated with safety-critical vehicle functions.

• BlueBox Autonomous Racer – The attendees will be able watch an AI-controlled racecar calculate tens of thousands of paths per second as it competes against human and other game-driven cars.

• Consolidated Cockpits – The attendees will be able see how to safely and securely combine open source Linux and Android environments with safety-critical vehicle software domains such as Consolidated Cockpit, ADAS, and Secure Gateway.

• Automated Vehicle Development Platform – The attendees will be able see how to rapidly develop, verify and deploy ASIL D-critical autonomous driving applications on automotive-grade processors.

• Driver Monitoring – The attendees will be able see the most safe and the only secure platform for Driver Monitoring applications, featuring Drowsiness Detection and Face ID.

• V2X / C2X Certificate Management Service – The ISS CMS is the defacto standard for V2X/C2X credentials and the world’s first turnkey managed service in production today to securely generate and distribute vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure certificates direct to vehicle and roadside communication devices.

• Secure Over-the-Air Service – The DLM OTA Service securely manages and deploys updates for any digital asset including software, keys, cal files, licenses, and credentials to authenticated devices via standards-based Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) 2.0.

• Secure Code Signing – The attendees will be able see the DLM Code Signing Service (DCSS) provides secure cryptographic signing services to ensure software and firmware is authentic and not tampered from the origin source. Extending rights management, the DCSS is also used for secure feature enablement and in-app purchases.

• Vehicle Network Security Controller – The attendees will be able watch how to add intrusion detection to critical vehicle networks without a dedicated security processor.

• Safety-Certified HMI Ecosystem Wall – The attendees will be able see four of key graphics partners showing off their OpenGL graphics on the automotive multicore processors.

Source: Press Release


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