GROM Audio announces availability of VLine VL2 with Android 8.1

GROM Audio has announced the availability of VLine VL2 with Android 8.1. VLine VL2 is an aftermarket infotainment system that integrates with OEM car stereos and displays. It claims to offer easy access to the latest in-car driving assistant applications, including maps by Google and Waze, integrated music streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora, voice commands, and other relevant apps–all accessible through the vehicle’s factory infotainment panel.

Android 8.1 was designed to improve on the shortcomings of 8.0. Latency and network loads are reduced because of Google’s new Neural Networks API, allowing applications to employ hardware acceleration. Third-party developers are now able to use advanced machine learning algorithms; as a result, users will have access to smarter applications, which employ these updates.

VLine offers a “tablet-like” experience, where users are able to install many driving assistant and entertainment apps, to run directly on their car stereo displays. Users no longer need to rely on their mobile device for any of those features.

In addition, the drivers connect vehicle’s health monitoring software such as Torque, to stay a top of their vehicles condition and be proactive with the repairs, as well as reverse and front facing cameras.

Source: Press Release


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