Honda unveils smartphone app for traffic congestion minimization

On-board smartphone
On-board smartphone

Japan: Honda Motor has conducted public-road testing of its new traffic congestion minimization technology in Indonesia and verified the effectiveness of the technology in delaying the development of congestion, and improving fuel efficiency by more than 20 percent. The public-road testing in Indonesia was conducted from September 2012 through February 2013 on a toll road.

Honda developed a smartphone app which changes the colors of the smartphone display to help the user to check at a glance whether his/her driving is aligned with surrounding vehicles. This app was used in the public-road testing conducted in Indonesia. This smartphone app monitors the pattern of acceleration and deceleration and determines if the pattern is likely to create traffic congestion, and if so, provides support to aligning driving to the surrounding vehicles. In addition to minimizing traffic congestion, this app is expected to improve the safety and fuel efficiency of the user’s vehicle as well as several hundred vehicles operating on the same roads.

The company has stated that, to realize the widespread use of this technology for motorcycles and other types of vehicles, it will soon be developing a function that supports riding/driving aligned through the use of audio and vibration alerts.





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