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Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl connectivity and infotainment system receives ‘Pioneer Award’

Published: February 09, 2015 | Whitley, Coventry

The editors of Auto Bild and Computer Bild gave Jaguar Land Rover their prestigious ‘Pioneer Award’ 2014


Jaguar Land Rover has been awarded the prestigious ‘Pioneer Award’ for its InControlTM smart connectivity and infotainment system by two leading German magazines. Editors of Auto Bild and Computer Bild gave the award as part of the reader’s choice “Connected Car Award 2014”. Auto Bild recognised how Jaguar Land Rover has created an innovative, cross-platform way for customers to connect to their car.

A suite of supported apps, such as calendars, parking space finder and infotainment tools, allows drivers and passengers to connect to information and entertainment to improve the driving experience. Each of these apps has been optimised in their display and functionality to make them controllable via the car’s touchscreen and voice, to minimise distraction and make them ‘Right for Driving’. It is like having your smartphone installed in your dashboard.

Developed in cooperation with technology partner BOSCH SoftTech, InControl AppsTM is a bridge between the smartphone and the car. It helps customers to seamlessly control their apps from their car – and their car from their phone.

Jaguar Land Rover was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, where Seeing Machines demonstrated its cutting-edge Driver Monitor System (DMS) in a Jaguar F-Type prototype on the Intel stand. The innovative system tracks the driver’s eyes and alerts the driver when they aren’t looking at the road, even if they are wearing sunglasses. DMS could be used to alert the driver to hazards earlier, or even enhance the settings of on-board safety systems, to reflect the driver’s lack of attention.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover


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