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Pandora to provide Internet radio services to Ford Australia as streaming app

Published: October 07, 2014 | Australia

Pandora  has partnered with Ford Australia, putting its  Internet radio services on track to be built in to 60% of new cars in Australia next year. The agreement between two parties will see Pandora being installed as an app in the dashboard across a range of Ford models including the Fiesta ST and Focus ST and Ford Kuga.

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For the fall 2015, Pandora is expected to be seen in Ranger and Transit models as well. Besides Ford, Pandora locally also partners with Holden and Mazda, and will soon be released on new model Nissan as well as stereo makers Kenwood, Clarion and Sony which means drivers buying second hand cars, can upgrade their stereo to include connected Pandora services.

Pandora plans to use the in-car platform to send targeted advertising messages to Australian drivers down the line, as it already does in the US. The company says it has already reached to 2 million users mark across the globe.

“The car is the traditional home of radio, and with Pandora now seamlessly incorporated in many models of Ford vehicles, we can ensure our listeners continue enjoying Pandora no matter where they are commuting or travelling. For the first time, listeners will enjoy the fully integrated suite of Pandora features, replicated from their mobile to the dashboard in their vehicle, ensuring driver focus remains where it should be, on the road.” Rick Gleave, Director-Business Development, Pandora ANZ

Pandora is a key launch application of Ford’s AppLink technology. Available on select Ford vehicles and exclusive to the auto brand’s in-car connected entertainment system SYNC, Ford AppLink uses voice-activated technology to connect drivers with smartphone applications while driving. When in music playing mode and connected to SYNC, Pandora will automatically lock mobile devices and respond only to voice and steering wheel commands, minimising distractions for drivers.

Source: Pandora


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