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Pioneer and NTT DoCoMo jointly develop LTE-based rearview mirror telematics unit

Published: October 03, 2014 | Japan

Pioneer today announced that it has developed a rearview mirror telematics unit equipped with LTE communication module to utilize cloud services. The company has been  developing and proposing “next-generation in-car units” and “cloud services” for connected cars for quite sometime whose numbers are expected to increase in the future. 

The unit is also ready for the installation of dedicated applications, which allows it to be used for a wide range of business purposes. Examples include fleet management with the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), built-in sensor, and communication function. It is planned to be commercialized within the current fiscal year while  price, specifications, and other details will be announced at a later date.


Pioneer will provide information services that respond to customers’ needs by combining this and other units with a large amount of data useful for drivers that is analyzed at its Mobile Telematics Center ( unique cloud infrastructure for automobiles), and with the Voice-Activated Drive Agent technology jointly developed with NTT DOCOMO. Some of its contrasting features are:-

First ever Japanese telematics unit with LTE

The unit is continuously connected to the network via LTE line, which permits access to a variety of real-time information and services available in the cloud. It also functions as a Wi-Fi access point, allowing the use of Wi-Fi compatible terminals in the vehicle, such as tablets and game consoles.

Half-mirror-shaped 5-inch LCD with a capacitive touch panel with easy mounting options

Rearview_Mounted_LTE_telematicsThe unit can be mounted easily on the rearview mirror without being constrained by the dashboard shape or space. The unit comes with an LCD with a 5-inch capacitive touch panel, which displays a variety of information. It can be connected with a rear-view camera for use as a rearview monitor as well. Because it is a half-mirror unit, the entire screen can be used as a rearview mirror when no information is displayed on it.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and gyro/acceleration sensor

The GNSS incorporated in the unit is compatible with the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System “MICHIBIKI,” allowing the driver to obtain highly accurate information about the vehicle’s location and the surrounding area. The unit also provides the Safe Driving Support Service function, which detects unsafe driving with a built-in sensor and provides alerts with images and audio. It also functions as a driving recorder, capturing front views before and after a shock is detected.

Voice-Activated Drive Agent Service

The unit comes with the Voice-Activated Drive Agent Service This function uses a microphone with a noise-cancelling function that is optimized for the in-vehicle environment. It allows the driver to operate the unit even while driving through voice interactions, to obtain real-time information that is useful for driving, such as the latest map and traffic information and news, to search facilities in the area around the current location, and to use navigation functions, for example.

Safe Driving Support Service with image processing 

The unit features the Safe Driving Support Service. It comes with a built-in front-view camera with a wide-angle lens and analyzes the images captured with this camera using unique image-sensing technology, to provide the driver with alerts using images and audio if the vehicle moves out of the center of the lane or when the vehicle ahead starts moving. It can also be used as a driving recorder for capturing and recording front-view images.

Ready for additional applications

The unit is ready for the installation of dedicated applications for specific purposes. It can be used for a wide range of business purposes, including fleet management enabled by the use of GNSS and the communication function.

Eligible for Device Plus 300 of NTT DOCOMO

The unit is eligible for Device Plus 300, a low-rate monthly billing plan (¥300/month excluding tax, with ISP fees charged separately)*2 offered to NTT DOCOMO subscribers. This means that the services provided by using the unit’s communication function are available at a low rate.

Source: Pioneer


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