Samsung’s Exynos Auto V9 for Audi’s In-vehicle Infotainment System

Samsung Electronics’ processor Exynos Auto V9 has been selected to power Audi’s next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, which is expected to make its debut by 2021.

According to the company, Exynos Auto V9 is a powerful automotive processor designed for advanced IVI systems.

The features of the processor, according to the company are:

• It supports up to six displays and twelve camera connections for various sub-system content in premium IVI systems. Display content on multiple displays, providing information that assists drivers and passengers for a safer and more enjoyable in-vehicle experience.

• The processor is based on cutting-edge 8-nanometer (nm) process technology and packs ARM’s latest Cortex-A76 CPU cores, ARM Mali G76 GPU. The V9 is powered by eight Cortex-A76 cores at speeds up to 2.1 gigahertz (GHz). The GPU is arranged in three separate dedicated sets of Mali G76 GPU cores that are able to seamlessly support multiple systems such as the cluster display, central information display (CID) and rear-seat entertainment (RSE) simultaneously.

• The processor also supports fast and power-efficient LPDDR4 and LPDDR5 DRAM.

• For premium audio quality, the chip comes with four HiFi 4 audio processors that provide captivating audio experiences with vivid and realistic sounds.

• Exynos Auto V9’s embedded safety island allows real-time protection for system operations, facilitating ASIL-B requirements.

• In addition, the V9 is equipped with an NPU for a digital concierge service that can intelligently manage a safe and personalized driving environment. The NPU can process visual and audio data for features such as face, speech or gesture recognition.

Source: Press Release


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