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Symphony Teleca recognised as sample vendor in Gartner’s Hype Cycle reports

Published: October 15, 2015 | Mountain View, CA

Symphony Teleca was recognized by Gartner in two prominent reports: The Hype Cycle for Vehicle-Centric Information & Vehicle ICT where it was listed as a sample vendor within the Embedded Software & Electronics Design and the Remote Diagnostics categories; and the Hype Cycle for Operational Technology, included as a sample vendor in the Remote Diagnostics category.

Last week the Symphony Teleca also recieved GENIVI compliance for its connected car service suite.

The Hype Cycle for Vehicle-Centric Information and Communication Technology (Vehicle ICT), 2014, foresees that, “by 2016, the majority of average car buyers for a standard brand (volume brand) vehicle in mature markets will expect at least basic Web-based information availability in their new automobiles. This tipping point will be achieved even earlier for premium brand vehicles — 2014. By year-end 2020, Gartner predicts that 70 to 80 percent of all new vehicles sold in mature automotive markets like the U.S. will offer connected-vehicle functionality.

The Hype Cycle for Operational Technology, 2014 projects a significant business impact, stating that “remote diagnostics improve vehicle quality, minimize warranty costs and, ultimately, can improve profit margins. They empower OEMs, dealers and fleet operators to optimize vehicle usage and max-imize CRM potential. They also accelerate and automate repair or maintenance scheduling and parts ordering with dealers and suppliers, and they improve the reporting of recurring mechanical vehicle problems to manufacturers, suppliers and institutions (for example, the U.S. Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation Act). Furthermore, remote diagnostics can benefit manufacturers during the product-testing phase and ensure high-quality reliability.”

“We’re pleased to be included by Gartner as a sample vendor in its comprehensive Hype Cycle reports which OEMs around the world turn to for insights into what’s driving the next generation of technology innovation.”As the number of M2M devices continues to surge in the automotive market and other industries, the real-time analytical insights available through our offerings such as Symphony ORION and InSight Connect VRM enable the operationalization of analytics, letting enterprises take advantage of their potential and deliver solutions that drive customer value.”

Sanjay Dhawan, CEO, Symphony Teleca

Source: Symphony Teleca


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