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Telenav brings connected navigation in China with aftermarket head units

Published: November 05, 2015 | Sunnyvale, CA

Telenav and Ningbo Huazhong Holdings (a public-traded Hong Kong based company) announce joint venture company, Huatai Telematics, to bring aftermarket connected in-car navigation services to the China market.

Huatai Telematics is a significant step in expanding connected in-vehicle experiences in China, which is one of the world’s largest market for both smartphones and automobiles. With the growth of aftermarket infotainment solutions increasing at a faster rate than vehicles with embedded systems, the joint venture will employ Telenav’s connected navigation technology and Huazhong’s experience in Chinese aftermarket products to respond to the consumer demand for connected services in the car.

Telenav’s in-car connectivity technology and global reach is powering its position at the forefront of automotive technology. Telenav has established R&D and business operations in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China, with offices in Shanghai and Xi’an. Telenav is the global connected navigation supplier to Ford Motor Co. as well as to General Motors. Last year, Telenav launched its navigation solution for Great Wall Motors, a leading domestic auto manufacturer in China and the country’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer.

In another story, Telenav has also partnered with Nuance to integrate its in-vehicle cloud-based search into Nuance’s Dragon Drive platform. Telenav’s services will be available through Nuance’s Dragon Drive platform for automotive customers.

Nuance has been powering embedded and cloud-based voice and content solutions in more than 130 million vehicles globally. Telenav, which provides both onboard and cloud-based end-to-end navigation services for automotive, will be offering its broader cloud search technology through the Dragon Drive Connect content platform for deployment in 2015 and beyond.

Source: Telenav


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