Telenav Connected Navigation in Opel’s Infotainment System

Telenav, a provider of connected-car and location-based services, announced that its connected navigation is a key component in the latest generation of the Opel Multimedia Navi Pro Infotainment System found in the automaker’s Insignia models (Grand Sport, Sports Tourer, Country Tourer, and GSi; and in Astra vehicles later this summer).

Telenav connected navigation provides Opel Multimedia Navi Pro Infotainment system users with the following features:

• Proactive key address detection enhanced with auto-suggest and word prediction

• Real-time traffic and ETA

• Easy destination entry with One Box Search with auto-suggest and word prediction

• Real-time destination information showing hours of operation, and gas and parking prices

• Smart POI icons showing fuel options when gas is low and parking options when approaching destination

• Enhanced voice recognition

• Cloud connectivity

• Over-the-air map updates with minimal user interaction, no usage interruption, and driver notification when a new map is available

“We are excited to supply our connected-navigation expertise to the new Opel infotainment platform,” commented Hassan Wahla, Co-President of Telenav’s Automotive Business Unit. “Our connected navigation services provide users of the Opel Multimedia Navi Pro system with optimum points of interest and destination searches, as well as Live Traffic, real-time fuel prices, parking information, and over-the-air map updates. Its use of a Telenav-designed user-experience interface ensures an intuitive layout with direct access to audio, phone, and navigation applications, making every ride in the vehicle a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”

Source: Press Release


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