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Tesla announces 6.0 version of vehicle system with NavInfo navigation maps in china

Published: December 9, 2014 | Beijing, China

Tesla announces the update of the 6.0 version of vehicle system, of which the map and navigation function will be in the market for the first time and the map will provided by NavInfo. The Google Map adopted by original Tesla factory cannot be used in China. Since they were delivered to the first batch of the Chinese owner of vehicles in April, the vehicle system always has not had the function of map and navigation.

tesla model with naviinfo maps

This afternoon, it is proved by Sina Finance from Tesla that the map in the vehicle navigation system of Tesla is provided by Beijing NavInfo Navigation Information Technology Co., Ltd. However, Tesla did not disclose the development details of this set of navigation system. Early this year, it is said that Tesla will cooperate to develop the navigation system with NavInfo, the state-owned enterprise.

Tesla will update the vehicle system software by way of wireless push from today. The newly increased map and navigation system integrates Tesla super charging network information, so users can look for the super charging station around or the charging station that has been to before and can go to the charging station around by way of navigation. However, the map system does not be integrated into the information related to the “destination charging station”.

The navigation system will also provide the voice control function, which allows the users to activate the navigation and dial the phone number by way of voice. The designed navigation system for China also provides the soft keyboard and Pinyin input, etc. Besides, it is worth noting that Tesla announces that not all the vehicle models can upgrade the vehicle navigation system for free and the vehicles that will not provide technology kits cannot use the vehicle navigation system for free.

Source: NavInfo


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