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TomTom’s new speed camera android app to avoid speeding fines while driving

Published: December 12, 2014 | The Netherlands

TomTom is hoping to make speeding fines a thing of the past with a new app for Android smartphones that will warn drivers when approaching fixed speed cameras.

TomTom speed camera app

Although TomTom’s existing satnav app features information about speed cameras, this is its first app that is dedicated to warning drivers when they are approaching speed cameras. The app draws from information shared by 3.4 million TomTom customers, and gets updated every minute.

Licence to speed

TomTom is careful to stress that its new app does not encourage speeding, but rather allows drivers to concentrate on the road instead of worrying about speed cameras. It should also encourage drivers to remain mindful of their speed.

“we believe that a journey is far more enjoyable when you know what is up ahead…Our new Speed Cameras app gives Android smartphone users extra peace of mind and helps them avoid speeding fines”.- Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director for TomTom Consumer

The app is available right now from the Google Play Store and comes with a free three month trial. After that it is £1.99 a month, or £15.49 a year to use the service.

Source: Tech Radar


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