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Visteon’s Fusion connected platform initiates production program for 2018 European vehicle line

Published: November 11, 2014 | United States

Visteon Corporation has been awarded the first production program for its Fusion connected platform by a European-based vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle line is expected to launch in 2018.

Fusion is an innovative solution “fusing” traditional driver information, infotainment and Cloud connectivity into one connected platform, offering drivers and passengers a seamless human machine interaction (HMI) experience. Visteon’s first-to-market platform allows multiple systems to run side-by-side in a virtual environment on a scalable hardware solution that is capable of incorporating multiple operating systems and extended graphics.

“Fusion offers vehicle manufacturers more modular integration opportunities on one single user interface, making it simpler to update certain aspects of the system without affecting the entire platform. Benefiting from Cloud connectivity, the platform can also be updated over the vehicle’s lifecycle – which is a significant differentiator compared with today’s audio and infotainment systems.”Bob Vallance, vice president, global customer groups, Visteon

For the driver, Fusion is a significant innovation as it combines multiple levels of information into one system for the first time, including vehicle-related and safety-critical information such as speed or warning signals, as well as personal information from the Cloud.

Source: Visteon


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