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War Room to produce first In-car display advertisement with Honda

Vancouver, Canada: War Room a Video Advertising Agency in Vancouver, BC won the rights to produce the first infotainment car screen advertisements.  In a recent public bid, War Room won the rights to produce the first infotainment screen advertisement. This will be a partnership test between Honda and War Room Inc.

War_Room_Honda_In-carNaturally, an obvious concern for this will be distracted drivers. Bella LaPointe, part of the National Driving Safety Regulation Committee, says that “we are concerned about whether advertisements on these screens will impose dangers on the road. This partnership test will be done to decide whether we can proceed forth with allowing this on our roads. Our concerns are on the safety of the public first.”

Already, some rules have been in place. For example, advertisements cannot run while the car is in motion. As such, videos will come on only at complete stops and red lights. Secondly, videos will have to pass a epilepsy test. According to Timothy Lee, “too many colours could induce temporary visual impairment which will be very dangerous on the streets.” Lastly, sexual content will also be banned for similar reasons.

“We are excited to be partnered with War Room on the road to advertising.” -Takanobu Ito Honda Motor Company, Ltd, CEO

“We would like to start by first off thanking Honda for the amazing opportunity and also thank everyone who has
supported us this far.” -Mike Tyler, War Room Inc. CEO




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