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SOCMA and Greenland Technologies sign co-operation agreement to support U.S. production of electric industrial vehicles

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation, a technology developer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles and drivetrain systems for material handling machineries and vehicles, and Fujian South China Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. (SOCMA), specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing heavy industrial machinery and vehicles, announced a co-operation agreement to utilize SOCMA’s existing supply-chain and certain technologies to support Greenland’s production of electric industrial vehicles in the US. The agreement also represents a commitment by Greenland to invest in the U.S. as a key center of innovation in the global electric vehicle market.

SOCMA has agreed to provide and supply to GTEC the materials, parts and components, and related supply chain required for the development and manufacture of electric industrial vehicles in the U.S. SOCMA agrees that GTEC shall use the relevant SOCMA technologies and patents involved in GTEC’s procurement of engineering vehicle parts and materials from SOCMA free of charge GTEC will capitalize on its global business development and technology development capabilities to accelerate the launch of its electric industrial vehicles globally with support from SOCMA.

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