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Spartan announces partnership with Faction around the deployment of 4D imaging radar for 360 sensing

Spartan, a sensor software company, is partnering with Faction Technology, Inc. Spartan and Faction are collaborating around a 360-degree perception solution using radar sensors mounted around the vehicle. As a software company, Spartan’s partnership with Uhnder provides radar hardware that feeds situational information to Faction’s DriveLink® digital vehicle platform. DriveLink is a vehicle-agnostic perception suite that relies on cameras, radar, and GPS. With an eye on commercialization at low cost, Faction does not use Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Leveraging commercially available, automotive grade off-the-shelf products, Faction’s value proposition is delivering safety and reliability with advanced software.

Nathan Mintz, co-founder and CEO of Spartan said, “The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) industry recognizes the need for a clear go-to-market strategy, lower sensor costs, and a clearly defined operational design domain that can generate sustainable revenue while achieving the highest levels of safety. Faction’s system addresses some key shortcomings seen today in companies that have yet to find a path to profitability.”

Ain McKendrick, Founder & CEO of Faction, said, “Spartan’s industry leading software that improves radar sensors is a logical choice for us as it’s automotive grade, easily configured, and seamlessly integrated into Faction’s stylish designs. More importantly, due to the maturity of camera and radar technology, these solutions are far more affordable.”

As Faction’s business grows into additional vertical markets, Spartan’s adaptable software technology enables sensor modifications via simple, over-the-air updates. This method of cloud-enabled configurability will become more commonplace as software-defined vehicle platforms replace the monolithic designs of the past. This capability will allow Faction to maintain the same hardware while future-proofing its design with updated software as capabilities are needed.

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