Vehicle Telematics

Spireon launches GoldStar Wireless GPS tracking solution for Buy Here Pay Here dealerships and auto lenders

Spireon announced the launch of a new wireless version of GoldStar®, vehicle tracking and collateral management solution for Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers and auto lenders. GoldStar Wireless hardware can be self-installed and activated within minutes to facilitate crucial data collection, monitor default predictions, locate on demand, and, when necessary, streamline quick asset recoveries.

GoldStar Wireless operates with an advanced, extended life battery of up to three years and allows dealership and lender customers to activate one of three tracking modes over the lifetime of the device to meet their needs: Quick Track, Daily Track and Recovery Track.

  • Quick Track: GoldStar Wireless is the solution to use extended stops to automatically capture where a driver lives and works within the first 14 days of installation for automated validation of loan stipulations. GoldStar’s patented Reference Genie technology makes the distinction between typical and extended stops to create an accurate location profile for drivers, providing lenders with stronger risk mitigation.
  • Daily Track: Two weeks after installation, the device switches from the Quick Track mode to Daily Track, eliminating the time and labor associated with swapping modes to preserve battery life. Daily Track continuously validates the work and home addresses reported by Quick Track and verifies the health of the tracker.
  • Recovery Track: If necessary, customers can locate the vehicle on demand and can also deploy Recovery Track to identify the real-time location of a vehicle using patented Location Genie technology, which predicts the best time and place for vehicle recovery. Recovery Track also sends a notification to the dealer if a vehicle enters an impound lot.

The introduction of GoldStar Wireless expands the Spireon auto solution suite, which includes GoldStar Connect, a full-featured mobile-application that helps BHPH dealers and lenders build customer loyalty and mitigate risk, while providing customers with the benefits of connected car technology.

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