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Strategic Partnership between Quanergy and Geely

Geely, one of the largest automotive companies has selected Quanergy Systems, a provider of LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, as a LiDAR partner. The companies will have a deep collaboration in developing and commercializing solutions for the broad deployment of smart city and autonomous vehicle systems, said the News Release.

This announcement follows an initial deployment of Quanergy’s LiDAR-based smart city solution at intersections across the Hangzhou Bay Area, Ningbo City, and Zhejiang Province. This smart infrastructure and intelligent vehicle deployment in China sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development with 5G-V2X, autonomous driving vehicles, and vehicle-road cooperation techniques.

The roadside sensing system features Quanergy’s AI-powered 3D LiDAR traffic management platform. The platform integrates Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensor and QORTEX™ DTC software, which uses 3D perception algorithms to detect and track vehicles and pedestrians to increase the intelligence of infrastructure. Geely’s intelligent vehicles receive details on roadside objects through 5G wireless communication networks that increase sensing performance, minimize blind zones, and maximize safety.

“The automated transportation and smart city spaces are incredibly complex, and in the future, you will not have one without the other. Smart city installations utilizing LiDAR technology will ultimately lead to the roll-out of autonomous vehicles that have the ability to communicate with each other, and with the infrastructure around them,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO and co-founder of Quanergy. “Through our work with Geely, we are building one of the first connected ecosystems designed to enable seamless communication between vehicles and their surroundings, bringing us one step closer to our autonomous future.”

According to both the companies, this strategic partnership marks one of the first LiDAR partnerships specifically created for the commercial deployment of smart cities and autonomous vehicles. “We’ve seen a tremendous influx of LiDAR companies over the last several years, but Quanergy has developed unique technologies incorporating a vision that goes beyond simply powering autonomous vehicles,” said a Geely executive. “Our partnership will allow us to deploy one of the most advanced LiDAR technology solutions on the market and offer a new integrated automotive and smart city solution that we believe can position Geely as a leader in the new mobility age.”

Quanergy and Geely’s collaboration projects in smart city and autonomous vehicles will also be showcased at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

Source: Press Release

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