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Swift Navigation and KDDI announce partnership to build on the global expansion of precise positioning

Swift ​​Navigation​, a San Francisco-based tech firm redefining GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and precise positioning technology for autonomous vehicles, automotive, mobile, and mass-market applications, announced a partnership with Tokyo-based KDDI Corporation. KDDI is an international telecommunications company on the forefront of using technology innovations to provide a high-quality and high-reliability network that meets the communication needs of its global customers. This partnership will be key in bringing Swift’s precise positioning technology to the Japan market and adds KDDI as a key partner in the global expansion of Skylark precise positioning service—currently available across the continental U.S. and Europe in partnership with Deutsche Telekom.

Traditionally, precision GNSS corrections were provided using real-time kinematics (RTK) techniques, requiring a high density of reference stations and with limited fault tolerance. By partnering with Swift, KDDI is able to utilize Swift’s patented wide area corrections solution, a hybrid of precise point positioning (PPP) and RTK. The solution delivers wide area corrections with a low density of reference stations, fast convergence, centimeter-level accuracy, all from a highly-reliable service delivered seamlessly via the cloud.

Accuracy that previously could benefit a few pieces of equipment on a jobsite—or in a field—is now accessible to millions of users across continents. The accuracy of the Skylark precise positioning service enables lane-level positioning at fast convergence times to achieve required levels of safety, reliability, integrity and availability required by autonomous, mass-market and mobile applications. Skylark is GNSS hardware-agnostic, giving customers a choice in which GNSS sensor is used and enabling users across industries to benefit from higher accuracy by simply subscribing to Skylark. This ease of access and higher accuracy output has benefits across industries. Automotive manufacturers achieve lane-level accuracy in the sensor suite with high levels of integrity. Delivery companies improve operational efficiencies and cost savings with route optimization. Mobile app companies improve analytics using accurate data to create better maps and higher performing apps. Industrial applications automate equipment and improve efficiency with reliably accurate positioning.

Swift Navigation is delighted to be partnering with KDDI to expand Skylark’s precise positioning in Japan and benefit customers around the globe,” said Timothy Harris, Co-Founder and CEO at Swift Navigation. “KDDI has always been at the forefront of bringing innovative technological solutions to its customers and Swift is pleased to add value to their businesses through the reliable accuracy delivered from Skylark.”

“We believe that Swift’s high-precision positioning solution further empowers our business capabilities in mobility space and contributes to the expansion of business coverage into smart vehicles,” said Hiromichi Matsuda, Executive Officer, Business Exploration & Development at KDDI CORPORATION. “The accuracy afforded from precise positioning unlocks opportunities for a multitude of businesses and industries and adds value to our customers in Japan.”

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