AEye proposes extended metrics for evaluating advanced LiDAR system performance

AEye, an artificial perception company and creator of iDAR™, a perception, recently released a white paper, in which it proposes newly extended metrics for evaluating advanced LiDAR system performance. The company redefines the Three “Rs” of LiDAR – Rate, Resolution, and Range. The metrics are described below:

Extended Metric #1: From Frame Rate to Object Revisit Rate

iDAR can revisit an object within the same frame. These agile systems can accelerate the revisit rate by allowing for intelligent shot scheduling within a frame, with the ability to interrogate an object or position multiple times within a conventional frame.

In addition iDAR is software definable by perception, path and motion planning modules so that they can dynamically adjust their data collection approach to best fit their needs.
Therefore, Object Revisit Rate, or the time between two shots at the same point or set of points, is a more important and relevant metric than Frame Rate alone.

Extended Metric #2: From Angular Resolution to Instantaneous (Angular) Resolution

Agile LiDAR systems enable a dynamic change in both temporal and spatial sampling density within a region of interest, creating instantaneous resolution. These regions of interest can be fixed at design time, triggered by specific conditions, or dynamically generated at run-time.

Extended Metric #3: From Detection Range to Classification Range

Using a distributed architecture and edge processing, iDAR dynamically tracks objects of interest, while always critically assessing general surroundings. Its software-configurable hardware enables vehicle control system software to selectively customize data collection in real-time, while edge processing reduces control loop latency. By combining software-definability, artificial intelligence, feedback loops, with smart, agile sensors, iDAR is able to capture more intelligent information with less data, faster, for optimal performance and safety. AEye’s iDAR system uniquely architected to scale from modular ADAS solutions to fully integrated mobility/robot-taxi implementations.

In order to deliver automotive-grade ADAS solutions at scale, AEye has partnered with top Tier 1 global automotive suppliers such as Hella, LG Electronics, and Aisin to design and manufacture best-in-class ADAS systems to global automakers. In addition, the company is engaged in pilots with more than a dozen non-disclosed OEMs and mobility companies.

Source: Press Release


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