Vayyar launches the single-chip imaging radar

Vayyar has launched what it claims the first automotive 4D point cloud application on a single radar chip. According to the company, 4D point cloud transforms radar technology by constructing a real-time, high-resolution 4D visualization of both in-cabin and car exterior environments.

Per company, its low-cost, high-performance single chip with point cloud displays the dimension, shape, location and movement of people and objects, enabling the complete classification of the car’s environment, regardless of bad lighting or harsh weather conditions.

Vayyar’s point cloud creates a new opportunity for a holistic solution maximizing in-cabin and exterior safety. Vayyar’s Radar on a Chip (ROC) has 48 transceivers at 76-81GHz which allows over 2,000 virtual channels. The chip also consists of an internal DSP for real-time signal processing. This single chip solution is easily integrated into existing automotive framework, reducing the overall cost and number of sensors needed for the vehicle.

Source: Press Release


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