Imagry debuts latest version of its mapless platform

Software developer Imagry is debuting the latest version of its mapless platform at the CES.

According to the company, its new platform can fundamentally transform the technology landscape of the global autonomous vehicle market.

Autonomous vehicles depend on the use of HD mapping for operating that requires a strong connection to satellite GPS and continuous effort to update the map. Imagry’s mapless autonomous driving platform claims to eliminate is by pushing the limits of artificial intelligence and computer vision. The platform is able to identify the road, route, vehicles, obstructions and pedestrians.

Imagry’s solution uses a “highly intelligent”, vision-based approach that requires neither a map nor a cloud connection, allowing the market for autonomous vehicles to scale and commercialize more rapidly at less cost.

Trained by a patent-pending simulator that’s developed in-house, the software features a patent-pending Aleph Star algorithm that uses physics-based planning to compensate for perception errors in real-time.

Source: Press Release


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