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Teletrac Navman expands integration with FLEETCOR Technologies giving fleet managers critical information combining point of purchase and location

Geo-tracking technology and secure fuel cards to help protect margins, reduce fraud

Teletrac Navman, a global software-as-a-service provider that leverages location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets, and its partner FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc., a global business payments company and leading provider of fuel cards in North America, have announced the expansion of a technology integration that will help fleet managers track and control fuel costs.

Under the agreement, all Teletrac Navman customers who also use Fleetcor-issued fuel cards will have the ability to monitor fuel purchases and match them to merchant locations. The information is accessible on a client’s Teletrac Navman fuel usage report to ensure drivers are using the proper routes and not overpaying for fuel.

“We are pleased to offer this high level of business intelligence across our entire customer base,” said Marco Encinas, senior product manager at Teletrac Navman. “Monitoring fuel purchases through both cost and location is a valuable tool for fleet managers to prevent fraud and protect margins.”

“Fuel purchasing is one of the most vulnerable points for a fleet manager, and FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards give fleet and business managers greater control, reporting, convenience and savings,” said Mike Ross, Senior Vice President of Channel Development. “By leveraging this function with the GPS location capabilities of the Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR® platform, we have addressed one of the industry’s biggest operational issues.”

In a recent FLEETCOR market study performed by Cascade Insights, 59 percent of fleet managers cited “real-time data/GPS features” as one of their most valuable capabilities of a fuel payment solution.
The enhanced integration of FLEETCOR-issued fuel card transaction data when coupled with the GPS tracking data within DIRECTOR, tackles this problem head-on.

Used together, the integrated technology flags suspicious transactions through reports helping to identify potential fuel card fraud or misuse. Businesses can also compare fuel costs for different vehicles to detect possible inefficiencies. When fuel purchased is mapped to a vehicle’s mileage in reports, regulatory compliance is also made easier.

Additional features of FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards include enhanced security with driver ID/PIN validation and the setting of spending limits including merchant type, day of the week, and time of day.

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