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Tesla now offers self-driving package at $199/month

Tesla has rolled out the monthly subscription for its Full Self Driving package and it costs $199 per month. The owners who had already invested in the Enhanced Autopilot package will get a rebate of $100 and will be able to purchase the FSD subscription for $99 per month. Until now, Tesla sold its FSD package for $10,000, which was charged as a one-time fee.

Earlier, a Tesla owner had to pay a huge one-time fee to gain access to the FSD package. After the release on monthly subscriptions, Tesla users will be able to freely test the vehicle, without investing a fortune. On the official website of Tesla, it is mentioned that “To subscribe, open the ‘Upgrades’ menu in your Tesla app or sign in to your Tesla Account. If you have multiple vehicles associated with your account, please be sure to select and subscribe to the correct vehicle.”

Currently, the Tesla Self-Driving Subscription is available to eligible vehicles in the US only. Currently, there are two packages that are available: Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Tesla also mentions on their website that Tesla Self Driving Package and the features involved are evolving and do not make the vehicles autonomous. Tesla also adds that full autonomy of the vehicles will be made available in due course of time, as the system improves over time. As the systems will evolve, the vehicles will also receive over-the-air updates.

Tesla Self Driving Package driver-assist features:

  • Traffic light and stop sign control
  • Full self-driving computer
  • Smart summon 
  • Auto park
  • Auto lane change 
  • Navigate on autopilot (beta)
  • Upcoming feature: Autosteer on city streets

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