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ThunderSoft announces new smart cockpit solution based on Qualcomm SA8295 at CES 2022

ThunderSoft released an all-new smart cockpit solution based on Qualcomm’s hardware platform SA8295 at the CES 2022, to better satisfy the diversified demands from clients worldwide and accelerate the development of smart vehicle industry.

The latest smart cockpit solution leverages Qualcomm SA8295 platform’s outstanding performance regarding computing, graphic and image processing to build the one-chip multi-screen smart cockpit domain covering digital cluster, central console entertainment, front passenger entertainment, rear-seat entertainment, streaming media rearview mirror, and head-up display, etc.

With SA8295’s unparalleled AI computing performance and multi-camera supporting capabilities, ThunderSoft’s new smart cockpit solution integrates low-speed driver assistance with the cockpit domain to better support 360° surround view and smart parking. In addition, SA8295’s new features in security and safety brought on board the comprehensive security including user data encryption, the security of storage, function, and car-to-cloud, etc.

The full-screen scenario, supported by ThunderSoft advanced multi-screen linkage technology, can provide users with a more diversified and smarter immersive interactive experience. Meanwhile, the proven virtual assistant with voice recognition technology transformed the smart cockpit into a brand new personalized intelligent partner in the mobility space.

The movie-level visual effects 3D design and unprecedented human-machine interaction experience is also realized in the latest smart cockpit solution by Kanzi One that was newly launched by Rightware, ThunderSoft’s solely owned world’s leading user interface design tool provider. Besides, the one-stop screen projection solution integrated CarLink for the first time in the industry to fully meet the diversified consumer needs for smart vehicles.

ThunderSoft, as the world’s leading intelligent operating system product and technology provider, has been centering on the operating system as the core business and devoting to the core technologies. It will create more products and solutions to keep up with the times, with an aim to meet the growing demands on intelligent products, and to build a colorful and intelligent world.

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