Vehicle Telematics, a data portal for monitoring tread wear in vehicles

New tire data management system delivers automated tire tread depth monitoring within hours of deployment with no hardware cost and no impact to fleet operations

Tyrata, Inc. announces, a cloud-based, comprehensive data portal for its IntelliTread™ tire tread monitoring products. is an easy-to-use, interactive portal that works in combination with Tyrata’s Drive-Over System (DOS) to provide direct tire measurement and real-time tread wear analysis for large vehicle fleets. The system fully automates tread depth measurements and analytics needed for efficient tire-management and safe vehicle operation. The solution has no hardware cost and is deployed within hours with no impact to current fleet operations. 

The IntelliTread™ Drive-Over System was developed based on the unmet need for low-cost, easy-to-deploy tire tread monitoring in both passenger and commercial vehicle fleets. The Drive-Over System collects tire tread wear data when a vehicle drives over a speedbump-like unit that is now linked to, a cloud-based data analytics platform to inform service and depot managers about the actual condition of their tires in real-time.

By logging into their account at, fleet operators will open a secure data portal where they can monitor the health of any individual tire with the ability to obtain instant tire history and analytics at a click of a button.  Operators can also get comprehensive, fleet-wide tire wear status and service recommendations for optimized tire maintenance and optimal vehicle safety.

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