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U.S. Department of Energy selects Koura for development of fluorinated electrolytes to extend operating range and safety of Li-Ion batteries

Koura, a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoro products and technologies and a division of Orbia, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to participate in its $60 million investment to accelerate advancements in zero-emissions vehicles. As a part of that investment, Koura is awarded $3.1 million in research funding to support the development of fluorinated electrolytes to extend the operating temperature range of Li-ion batteries while improving safety and fast charge capability for transportation applications.

“We are excited to be selected to participate in this important initiative,” said Miodrag Oljaca, who heads Growth and Technology at Koura. “We are ready to leverage our technical and manufacturing expertise to expand our existing presence in the batteries and energy materials market. The new research funding from the Department of Energy is recognition of Koura’s innovation in battery technology and our strategic approach to developing next-generation technologies that can deliver improved safety, performance and sustainability for the entire battery industry.”

For this project, Koura will partner with researchers at Silatronix and Argonne National Lab who will assist in electrolyte development and manufacture of batteries to validate performance of novel electrolyte formulations.

The DOE research funding supports Koura’s expanding presence in energy storage and battery technologies. Electrolyte is a key component of Li-ion batteries and advancements in electrolyte technologies are essential for widespread use of Li-ion batteries in-vehicle technologies. Currently, electrolytes are sourced almost exclusively outside of the USA. Koura is investing in the development of new electrolyte technologies and a USA-based electrolyte supply chain.

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