330 billion rubles to be assigned for GLONASS development in 2012-2020


According to Federal Space Agency deputy head Anatoly Shilov, around 330 billion rubles will be assigned for the development of the GLONASS navigation satellite network in 2012-2020. He said that the current federal program of the GLONASS development will end on December 31. This program resulted in the deployment of 24 operating satellites. He also recalled that Europe had been building its Galileo satellite navigation system for 20 years and the mission would be accomplished in 2018.
Further development of the GLONASS network will be done under the federal program for 2012-2020. The program is being coordinated with the Economic Development Ministry.
According to CNNIMash, 31 GLONASS satellites were in orbit as of December 13, 2011, including 24 operating, three being put into service, two under maintenance, one testing and one on standby. No less than 18 operating satellites are necessary for GLONASS coverage of Russia, and 24 satellites make the system global.

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