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A third of transort professionals think autonomous vehicles won’t work: Microlise

Published: June 29, 2016

According to findings published by the Microlise report, more than 33% of transport industry professionals do not believe autonomous vehicles will work. The statistics were captured during interactive voting on questions from over 1,000 people in Europe. It goes further than last year, by providing an in depth view of the road transport industry in 2016 on a range of key issues, with responses broken down by sector, age, job position and gender.

Despite a majority giving their support for a leave vote, when questioned about the EU, 43% said that they felt leaving would have a negative effect on the haulage industry. Alongside a lack of faith in the EU and autonomous vehicles, the statistics also show that 84% believe the Government’s support for the transport industry is unchanged since the Conservatives came to power. More than 58% of delegates feel the situation in Calais has gotten worse in the last year.

Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise, said:

We compile this report each year with the aim of delivering the most accurate reflection of the sentiment in the transport industry right now, across the key issues. The findings tell us that the industry is still not sold on the potential of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles – despite many experts predicting them on our roads in the not too distant future. It’s also interesting to note that industry support for leaving the EU aligns with last week’s referendum result.

To download the complete report, which includes a recap of each session; statistics from the answers to questions put to delegates and analysis on the trends behind the numbers go to the Microlise website.


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