Aeva partners with Audi’s AID

Aeva, a company building the next-generation sensing system for autonomous vehicles, recently announced a partnership with AID-Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG and the “center of excellence” for Volkswagen Group’s autonomous driving system, to bring “groundbreaking” 4D LiDAR to its autonomous vehicle program.

According to Aeva its 4D LiDAR technology is unique combination of long range, instantaneous velocity measurements at cm/s precision and robustness to interferences in a single package.

The company will develop and equip its 4D LiDAR technology as a part of AID’s new Audi e-tron development fleet vehicles in Munich, with the plan to bring autonomous driving to urban mobility services within the next few years.

Unlike most conventional time-of-flight LiDAR technology – where high-power pulses of light are used and the flight time for each pulse is measured to create a 3D map of the environment – Aeva’s sensing technology uses continuous low-power laser to sense instant velocity of every point per frame, at ranges up to 300m. This produces a 4D map of the environment where the instant velocity information enhances the detection and classification of all critical objects such as pedestrians, bicycles & vehicles at distance.

Aeva’s technology is also free from interference from other sensors or sunlight. Together, these features strengthen AID’s proprietary perception capabilities and fundamentally improve the safety of autonomous driving vehicles.

Source: Press Release


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