AEye launches AE110

AEye has announced AE110, which it claims as its most advanced product for the automotive mobility market.

The product is built on solid-state LiDAR patent portfolio and features the software-definable LiDAR, creating an open platform for perception innovation that lets software engineers optimize data collection to best meet their needs.

The AE110 is based on iDAR, a new form of data collection that emulates how the visual cortex pre-processes and customizes information sent to the brain. It does this by fusing 1550 nanometer (nm), solid-state agile MOEMS LiDAR, a low-light HD camera, and embedded AI to intelligently capture data at the sensor level.

iDAR integrates 2D camera pixels and 3D LiDAR voxels at the point of data acquisition to create “true color” Dynamic Vixels – a new real-time sensor data type that delivers more accurate, longer range and more intelligent information faster to the car’s “brain”, or its path-planning system.

Key features of the AE110 include:

• Software-definable LiDAR with high resolution RGB (red, green & blue) camera mechanically fused to deliver both true color and geometry as Dynamic Vixels
• High resolution RGB camera with high speed interface
• Onboard computer vision and embedded feedback loops for enhanced machine learning
• Designed to meet ISO 26262 functional safety requirements; eye safe in all modes
• Automotive SWaP optimized with documented field and environmental testing
• Software Development Kit
• Automotive deployment optimized with minimal crosstalk, utilizing four layers of interference mitigation and anti-spoofing technology
• Enhanced adverse weather capabilities

Source: Press Release


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