AEye awarded foundational patents for its solid state MEMs-based agile LiDAR and embedded AI technology

AEye has been awarded foundational patents with numerous claims for its solid state MEMs-based agile LiDAR and embedded AI technology that are core to AEye’s iDAR perception system, the company has announced.

AEye’s iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) perception system mimics how a human’s visual cortex focuses on and evaluates potential driving hazards.

Using embedded AI within a distributed architecture, iDAR critically and dynamically assesses general surroundings, while applying differentiated focus to track targets and objects of interest.

As a scalable, integrated system, iDAR delivers more accurate, longer range, and more intelligent information faster. AEye’s first iDAR-based product, the AE100 artificial perception system, will be available this summer to OEMs and Tier 1s launching autonomous vehicle initiatives.

The iDAR perception system includes inventions covered by newly awarded patents. These include 71 claims covering AEye inventions ranging from a unique approach to dynamic scan and shot pattern for LiDAR transmissions to the ability to control and shape each laser pulse and methods for interrogating each voxel within a point cloud.

These patented inventions contribute significant performance improvements for the iDAR perception system: improving range by 400%; increasing speed by 20x; and boosting object classification accuracy while reducing laser interference.

In January, 2018 at CES in Las Vegas, AEye announced the AE100, a solid state, cost-optimized system based on AEye’s iDAR perception system.


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