Aha Radio an audio-based web content provider for your car

Harman together with Alcatel Lucent is showcasing at CeBIT Trade Fair, its Aha Radio platform as part of the LTE Connected Car.

Aha Radio is an audio-based web content provider that brings Web and social networking content easily and safely into the auto cockpit. Through its customized user interface and voiced content, drivers and passengers can listen to updates Facebook and Twitter updates, podcasts, and other content while ensuring the driver’s eyes stay safely focused on the road.

Aha Radio is a perfect application for the bandwidth-rich “connected car” concept, which demonstrates the vision where customers can have anytime, anywhere access, across all devices and networks, to the next generation of communication, productivity and entertainment services and applications.

In anticipation of growing demand from automakers for 4G/LTE solutions, harman is collaborating with Sierra Wireless to bring automotive customers 4G broadband connectivity to the dashboard.


HARMAN brings 4G automotive platforms and Aha Radio to CeBit


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