AID selects Cognata as Autonomous Vehicle Simulation partner

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH (AID), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG, has selected Cognata as its Autonomous Vehicle simulation partner. The company will provide AID with its end-to-end simulation offering and support the autonomous vehicle’s entire product lifecycle.

Cognata’s solution leverages artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer vision in a highly realistic simulation environment, in order to simulate and validate autonomous vehicles prior to physical roadway tests.

Cognata recreates cities from around the world, allowing an expanded range of testing scenarios, including AI-based traffic models simulating real-world traffic conditions. The simulation engine reproduces sensor input by emulating the specific sensors’ interactions with real-world materials.

Through this multi-year partnership with Cognata, AID has chosen to implement a large-scale, cloud-based simulation solution and facilitate thorough, efficient and rapid testing, thereby increasing safety while speeding up time to market for AID-enabled autonomous vehicles.


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