Amazon working on self-driving vehicle technology

According to some reports, Amazon is working on self-driving vehicle technology and it has even established an in-house team to reflect on the ways it can use the technology for its benefit.


However, it is being said it has no interest in the developing its own self-driving car but the aim of this whole exercise is to explore the use of this technology for its logistics operations. Recently Amazon had developed Prime Air, a drone delivery service, which could ship goods between various cities.

Self-driving technology can be used by Amazon in a wide range of application like in trucks making deliveries, forklifts in its warehouses, drones and even in cargo ships.

Although the reports have claimed that Amazon is not currently interested in developing its own self-driving vehicle technology, but this can not be denied that recently it was awarded a patent on how self-driving cars navigate reversible lanes, so it might be working on it in stealth mode as self-driving cars are being seen as the next big thing and every company wants to get their piece of the pie.


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