ams, Ibeo and ZF partner to advance solid-state LiDAR

Lidar is considered a critical component in enabling the fully autonomous driving. In a new development, the three companies, ams, Ibeo Automotive Systems and ZF, are joining hands on R&D efforts to advance solid-state LiDAR technology.

LiDAR is an optical sensing technology that measures distance and direction of the surrounding objects by illuminating them with a laser beam and detecting the reflection of the object. Its unique range and resolution properties complement radar and camera solutions.

ams is a supplier of high performance sensor solutions, Ibeo Automotive Systems is German specialist for automotive LiDAR sensor technology, and ZF Friedrichshafen is one of the leading technology companies for mobility worldwide.

ams will provide automotive-grade VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) arrays and drivers which claims to provide superior reliability and stability compared to competing light sources, such as edge emitters and LED.

The combination of Ibeo Automotive Systems’ solution know-how with ams’ VCSEL technology will create a tipping point for solid-state LiDAR in the automotive sector. ZF, as a leader in electric mobility and autonomous driving solutions, will use its global capabilities and deep knowledge of integrated safety, motion control and digitalization to bring a unique aspect in taking LiDAR to the next level on a global scale.

ams’ Solid-state LiDAR illumination solutions require no mechanical parts to steer the light beam direction, thus improving reliability while reducing complexity, size, weight, and cost.

Due to the high reliability and small form factor, solid-state LiDAR paves the way for massive LiDAR deployment in the automotive segment. The companies together aim to ensure that this technology can be quickly and safely adopted by 2021.

Source: Press Release


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