AnyDATA announces AnyDRIVE vehicle telematics platform and ACT212 and ACT210 OBD-II dongles

AnyDATA Corporation, a leading provider of smart car devices and connected service platforms, recently announced the commercial availability of the ACT212 and ACT210 OBD-II dongles and the AnyDRIVE vehicle telematics platform for the insurance telematics market.

The AnyDRIVE service platform allows wireless operators and telematics solution providers to offer B2C as well as B2B services for the more than 200 million passenger cars with OBD-II interfaces in the United States. The service platform, optimized for OBD-II devices, is architected to share vital vehicle data with multiple solution providers across multiple verticals.

The AnyDRIVE devices, the ACT212 and ACT210, are perfect for addressing both the B2C and B2B markets. The ACT212 is a vertical market variation of the OBD-II device from AnyDATA that has been qualified by a major US CDMA operator for their retail sales. The ACT210, with its built-in insurance data processing capability, is the ideal OBD device to address the insurance telematics market. Without the limitations of similar module-based designs, the rugged ACT212 and ACT210 have the best cost and performance in the market. Both OBD-II dongles are certified for use on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks and are commercially available now.

The AnyDRIVE devices plug directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, capturing vital vehicle and driver information in real-time. Designed for use in the usage-based insurance, fleet tracking, rental car, and car dealership markets, the devices also come equipped with GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, and Bluetooth connectivity for maximum engagement between the application, the vehicle, and the driver. The large internal memory and processing power of the ACT212 and ACT210 make it possible to minimize data usage costs by pre-processing large amounts of data on-board, reducing the amount of data needed for transmission.



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