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Argo AI with Carnegie Mellon forms Autonomous Vehicle Research Center

Argo AI is partnering Carnegie Mellon to form Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. The motive is to ‘truly unlock’ the potential of autonomous technology by developing the most advanced capabilities that will enable large scale, global deployment.

To fund the Center, Argo has pledged $15 million over five years to fund a team of five world-renowned faculty leaders and support graduate students conducting research in pursuit of their doctorates, to push the envelope on the next-generation of self-driving technology.Argo will also provide access to data, infrastructure, and platforms to CMU students engaged in autonomous vehicle research.

The center will look at the task of autonomous vehicles from end-to-end, including perception, decision-making and actuation, yet push the envelope to advance beyond first-generation system enabling us to serve more cities, operate more efficiently and interact safely in the most complex environments.

The company views this Center as an important step in advancing research addressing the challenges that will enable commercialization of self-driving technology on societal scale.

Source: Press Release


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