ARTC- Taiwan Unveils Self-driving Electric Minibus

Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC) recently unveiled Taiwan’s first indigenous self-driving pure-electric minibus called WinBus.

The WinBus, according to ARTC, achieves the capability of SAE Level 4 autonomous-driving (high-automation) standard. In fixed or closed fields, the minibus can fully accomplish all environment-monitoring and self-driving tasks without human intervention.

Other features of the WinBus:

• Unman Self-driving: Through various sensors, including camera, Lidars, and radars etc., WinBus’ onboard systems make immediate decisions to control different sub-systems, such as steering, brake, acceleration; together achieving the Level 4 standard.

• Dual-axle Steering/Driving: The WinBus adopts the dual-axle steering/driving system design (two independent driving systems), making it can run forward/backward directly. There is no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedal onboard.

• Safety First: Complying with national regulations of vehicle and electrical safety; while the WinBus is equipped with a bunch of active/passive safety systems onboard to achieve the highest safety standard.

• Innovative Transportation Solutions: The WinBus was developed to provide a new and innovative transportation solution to various requirements from local governments, including non-peak shuttle service, rural-area transportation, scenery-spot transport, or shuttle service at MRT etc.

The high-tech autonomous transportation vehicle has developed by ARTC in cooperation with a group of local suppliers, under the sponsorship of Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), MOEA.

MIT WinBus is an integration of more than 20 suppliers in local supply chain, including chassis, powertrain, battery, body, and key systems for sensing, decision-making, network connection etc. The government hopes that this will help shape a more matured local supply chain, as well as make Taiwan an autonomous-driving system/vehicle exporter in the future. In the fourth quarter on 2019, ARTC is scheduled to kick off a commercial operation project of autonomous-minibus with a team of private companies, offering shuttle-transport services in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park for accumulating more operation credits.

Source: Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC)


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