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Horizon Robotics Launches 2nd Generation Automotive AI Processor at IAA 2019

Horizon Robotics, an edge AI computing company, unveiled its 2nd generation automotive AI processor – Horizon Journey 2 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA). Founded in 2015, Horizon Robotics has enabled Tier1s and OEMs across North America, Europe and Asia to develop advanced deep-learning solutions that power the future of the automotive industry.

According to the company, Journey 2 is one of the first AEC-Q100 compliant deep learning compute options available to Tier1s and OEMs looking to enable the next generation ADAS capabilities and intelligent cockpit experiences with limited power consumption and good performance and efficiency. The processor has Horizon Robotics’ proprietary programmable deep learning computation cores – BPU, dual-core ARM Cortex-A53 and dedicated image signal processor.

The company claims Journey 2 is able to process 4K video inputs at 30 frames per second and complete the parsing of 23+ semantic categories, 2D+3D detection of hundreds of objects, distance and speed estimation and other key perception features to meet Euro NCAP 2022 requirement. Horizon Robotics also offers to its customers highly optimized production-ready perception software for ADAS and autonomous driving as an option for turn-key perception solutions based on Journey™ 2.

Along with Journey™ 2, Horizon Robotics is also launching the OpenExplorer AI Toolkit which allows customers to deploy custom deep learning networks on Journey™ 2 to leverage its powerful compute performance. The OpenExplorer AI Toolkit also includes design examples and best practices to significantly improve time-to-market for customers.

Journey™ 2 have also already attracted many lead customers. SK Telecom, South Korea’s leading telecommunication company, is currently in the process of equipping tens of thousands of vehicles with JourneyTM 2 to enable crowd-sourced HD map updates as well as ADAS functions, paving the way towards safer and more automated driving.

Source: Horizon Robotics


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