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Veoneer partner in AI Innovation of Sweden

Veoneer has become one of the founding partners in AI Innovation of Sweden, the new national center for accelerating research and innovation within Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Veoneer is one of the largest pure-play company focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD). The company designs and manufactures products and solutions for active safety, autonomous driving, occupant protection and brake control.

AI Innovation of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative which is intended to function as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. The focus is on accelerating implementation of AI by means of sharing knowledge and data, co-location and collaboration projects

AI Innovation of Sweden establishes shared resources, for example the “Data Factory”, which will make data available in a new and unique way, and “Co-Location sites” with the aim of improving collaboration, knowledge-sharing and the ability to attract talent.

AI and Deep Learning technologies will be used more and more when developing more advanced and reliable ADAS and AD solutions, such as the forward-looking cameras used in the next generation highway pilot assist. AI is also important for the next phase of mobility, referred to as Collaborative Driving, when the car is handling parts of the driving, with the driver still engaged. Here, AI is an important ingredient for creating mutual trust between the driver and the car.

The AI center will have several nodes around the country and it is funded by Vinnova, Region Västra Götaland, the private sector, the public sector, research institutes, and academia.

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