ATrack’s telematics solutions well-suited with Peruvian government regulations

Published: November 4, 2014 | Taiwan

ATrack offers real time location tracking and many other safety and security focus solutions. The company announced that it is able to meet the Peruvian government regulations, and help improve safety for the public and the private sectors.

Recently ATrack, affirmed that its tracking units (AT5/AU7 GPS/GLONASS) are able to transmit data via Iridium satellite network. Earlier it only supported the cellular networks like GPRS, HSPA, and CDMA. With satellite compatibility, the company provides a true 100% global coverage suitable for deployments in mining areas, mountains, deserts, and other remote areas.

As the telematics industry continue to grow in private and commercial sectors, an increasing number of government agencies are starting to realize the importance and benefits of telematics solutions.
According to Sutran Peru (Superintendency of Land Transport of People, Cargo and Freight), telematics solution is an effective way to prevent the drivers from over speeding and reduce the vehicle accidents rate on national highways; Suran has officially announced that all heavy duty vehicle are mandated to install a telematics solution before hitting on the road starting from August 1th in 2014.
Also, some elementary-schools have adopted telematics solutions in order to improve the safety of their students. Each student was issued a RFID card; when students get on or off the bus, they are required to swipe the card, which tells transportation officials when and where the children boarded and exited the bus.

Therefore, Atrack announcement will help Peruvian government to get a better hold of their regulations in automotive and telematics space.
Source: Atrack


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