Audi to demonstrate its autonomous cars in New York

The first application for an autonomous vehicle demonstration on New York public roads has been approved. Audi of America Inc. has been given green signal to begin demonstrations this summer on roads near the state capital, Albany. It will be the first ever such tests on the streets of New York.

Governor of NewYork, Cuomo acknowledges the potential of this technology to reduce the accidents and recognises the autonomous vehicles as a major part of the future of the automotive industry and so is committed to developing New York as the hub of innovation and cutting edge technology.


The state had begun accepting applications for testing or demonstrating the autonomous technology in New York earlier last month as part of a year-long pilot program funded by the state’s 2018 budget.

Audi was the first company to apply and to get the approval, the state is still open to application from other parties who might be interested in testing their vehicle on its public roads.

Audi will begin testing its cars from 13th of this month. The model chosen has already said to have covered several thousand miles in U.S. and as per reports, it is level 3 in autonomous vehicle operations by SAE standards. So it is capable of safely allowing hands-free driving at posted highway speeds, but there will be a person present behind the wheel at all the times. It has also been reported that there will also be two engineers present in the car while testing. Also, each car has been issued a $5 million insurance policy, Audi has to submit the testing reports by March next year.



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