Autonomous ONE™ Motherboard for self-driving vehicles

Intrepid Control Systems is introducing its Autonomous ONE™ motherboard at CES 2019.

It is an all-in-one data logger that integrates multiple inputs into a single open platform thus will help automakers, suppliers and automotive vehicle researchers speed autonomous vehicle development by replacing a trunk full of cobbled-together equipment with a single interface device.

The features of Autonomous ONE, according to the company are:

• Affordable and links together many components including the autonomous CPU (CPU Card), GPS/GNSS and connectors for multiple types of sensors including cameras, radar, LiDAR and other inputs.
• This motherboard works with all autonomous CPUs that support PCIe, MIPI camera inputs and Ethernet.
• Autonomous ONE can be configured to hold up to 54 Automotive Ethernet ports, 48 CAN/CAN FD channels and 64 Terabytes of storage using PCIe 2.0 slots with NVMe SSD.
• High-speed erDes (serializer/deserializer) camera interfaces are supported for the direct camera or sensor connection with a capacity up to 28 cameras, like the FPD-Link III from Texas Instruments or the GMSL from Maxim Integrated.
• Autonomous ONE can also be used for automatic and manual remote download, control and monitoring of data through a Wireless 4G/5G or 60 GHz WiGig™ connection.
• The Autonomous ONE device is open system and is designed to bring autonomous technology into one unit at a reasonable price.

The Autonomous ONE motherboard will be available at the end of 2019.

Source: Press Release


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