Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Training by JTA, Beep, First Transit and NAVYA

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority, along with Florida-based autonomous mobility solutions company Beep, First Transit and autonomous vehicle manufacturer NAVYA, recently hosted a day-long training session at the North Florida TPO campus. The training sessions focused on the latest AV technology and how first responders should address emergency situations.

Participants from local and regional agencies received hands-on operational training and learned how to respond to scenarios involving potential hazards, passenger safety, immobilization and more. After this training session, the participants claim that Jacksonville-area first responders, fire fighters and law enforcement officials are more prepared for the future of public transportation after completing emergency training with autonomous vehicles.

Beep, founded by experienced fleet managers and technology entrepreneurs, offers the next generation of services for passenger mobility to fleet operators in planned communities and low-speed environments across the public and private sector.

This training is one of Beep’s services and part of its mission to enable bodies like JTA to advance their autonomous technology solutions in a way that is pragmatic and practical, with a rigorous focus on public safety and security.

Beep has an exclusive dealer arrangement for the state of Florida, with NAVYA, an autonomous vehicle manufacturer. The shuttles from the company are fully autonomous, driverless, electric and utilizes advanced guidance and detection systems to interact in real time with their environment.

The training comes as the JTA prepares Downtown Jacksonville and the surrounding neighborhoods for the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) program, anchored by autonomous vehicles.

Source: Press Release


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