Autonomous vehicles to be tested on the streets of Detroit

According to some media reports, two electric vehicles made by Polaris industries, outfitted with autonomous driving software and sensors developed by May Mobility and, will be tested on the streets of Detriot in the month of October.

The vehicles are low-speed, six-seater shuttles that will travel at the speed between 25-35 mph, ferrying the workers of Bedrock LLC, a real estate company. The vehicle will have the presence of a driver to take control of the car in case of an emergency.  The test will be conducted for 5 days and if successful, May Mobility will buy more Polaris GEM vehicles to ­create a fleet of driverless shuttles throughout downtown Detroit.


May Mobility is a startup which aims to offer autonomous driving technology to companies with commercial fleets. The team behind the company is not new and has been working on autonomous tech since the third DARPA Grand Challenge in 2007. Polaris is also little known for its electric vehicles, so if the tests are successful it will be beneficial for both the companies.


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