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Baidu revs up development on driverless vehicles, seeks legislative support

Published: March 08, 2016 | Beijing

Baidu has stepped up its efforts for development of autonomous vehicles by increasing investment in patents and field tests, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Baidu tested its driverless car on Beijing roads in December last year.


Robin Li, Baidu’s CEO explained that his company presently has a few autonomous vehicles undergoing various tests. The CEO has outlined practical applications using internet, internet financing and development of self-driving cars as the major contributors for future economic growth in China. He also believes that  there is a dire need of urgent legislative measures from the Chinese government in this field.  The level of legislative reception is going to be critical for Baidu and other Chinese autonomous carmakers future prospects.

Market reports also suggest that heads of Baidu and auto manufacturer Zhejian Geely Holding Group are urging Chinese government to accelerate the legislation for driverless cars technology. Mr. Li and Li Shifu, founder of Zhejian Geely, wrote to Chinese political advisory organization in separate applications that the sooner a legal system is developed, the more boost it will give to autonomous cars technology. This could consequently result in attracting major investment in the industry.

Source: China Business News


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