Baidu unveils ‘Chery EQ’, an all-electric self-driving car

Published: August 29, 2016

China’s auto giant Baidu has developed an all electric car Chery EQ manufactured with the company’s driverless technology. Known as the Google of China, Baidu has been on the forefront of launching vehicles that are transforming the modern-day technologies.

Designed specifically for a use in China, Baidu has been planning to launch the vehicle from quite some time now. The car will enhance the mapping technology while also letting the users collect data about local traffic infrastructure. Furthermore, company’s eventual aim is the same as almost every other tech company working upon creating autonomous vehicles.

The company has earlier used used a modified BMW 3 Series installed with  Baidu AutoBrain software. Providing core services to the auto makers, the software automate several other components such as driving maps, detection, positioning, control and decision making.

The company is also planning to launch self-driving vehicles into China for a public shuttle service, with the company planning to have the cars ready for the purpose by 2018.

With its small and round cabin, the car has a strong resemblance to Google’s much-hyped self-driving car. Earlier in the month, Baidu teamed up with Ford to make an investment worth $150 million in Velodyne LiDAR, a Silicon Valley company that has been working on light, detection and ranging technology since 2005.

Baidu electric car

The investment was made to hasten the reduction of costs and the scaling of LiDAR sensors so that they would become more accessible to automobile manufacturers, for use in self-driving vehicles.


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