BMW 5 Series comes with upgraded ConnectedDrive technology

BMW 5 Series with upgraded ConnectedDrive
BMW 5 Series with upgraded ConnectedDrive

USA: According to a recent news, the new BMW 5 Series includes innovations to the BMW ConnectedDrive technology.

As in news, the BMW 5 Series now enables intelligent connectivity, allowing it to set the benchmark for in-car use of office applications. Alongside the Concierge Service for hotel reservations and a selection of other services, BMW ConnectedDrive also offers a suite of office functions, including internet-based services. The dictation function, for example, provides a convenient way of entering text for SMS messages and emails during a journey.

As per the source, the array of search, travel, office and social media services can be accessed via the car’s integrated SIM card or the customer’s smartphone. And Online Entertainment sees BMW bringing internet-based flat rate music services directly into the car. The optional Navigation System Professional makes use of a menu display and allows access to Real Time Traffic Information. A new controller with a touch-sensitive surface now allows the use of characters to program in a destination or access to other functions of the iDrive operating system.





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