BMW and DXC Technology join hands to accelerate driverless car development

IT services company, DXC Technology, has signed an agreement to BMW to support the latter’s autonomous vehicle development via the High Performance D3 platform.

DXC is known for providing services that help deliver and simplify data analysis and algorithmic training to reduce the time and cost to develop autonomous vehicles.

The BMW Group High Performance D3 platform supports the autonomous vehicle development program, gathering massive amounts of road-travel data from the global BMW test fleet.

Using DXC’s digital solution, BMW’s manufacturing research and development teams will be able to collect, store and manage vehicle sensor data in seconds rather than days or weeks, resulting in faster autonomous drive development cycles.

DXC considers the next five years to be pivotal for the automotive industry, as technology and partner ecosystems are evolving in this context it sees the collaborate with BMW Group as an opportunity.

The company believes that with the platform and tools provided by DXC, BMW engineers will be able to significantly accelerate the engineering and testing of autonomous driving algorithms. Some of the other ways in which it can help the development are as follows:

• DXC expedites the engineering and testing cycles. An example of this capability is DXC Robotic Drive, which rapidly accelerates the autonomous driving development process — from data collection, storage and analysis to deployment of evolved knowledge.

• Built on an open-source ecosystem, DXC Robotic Drive is available on-premise or in a cloud or hybrid environment, allowing workloads to be moved easily. Engineers can work collaboratively and in an agile fashion regardless of their geographic locations.

• It reduces cost and complexity by using a single platform for storage, processing and training mean hardware and software requirements. Data can be collected globally but monitored centrally, maximizing efficiency and reducing cost.

Source: Press Release


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